Memo to Tebow: “Shut The F*ck Up”

It's good to be the king

It appears Tim Tebow’s peers aren’t as enamoured with the chosen one as members of the media.

If you’ll recall, Saint Tebow went through a serious ball washing his last year at Florida, especially around bowl time.

But today’s reports are that Timmy got a different reception at the recent NFL combine in Indianapolis.  Right before the Wonderlic intelligence test, his holy Quarterbackness asked his fellow NFL hopefuls to join him in a prayer.  The answer from an unidentified source was a resounding, “Shut the fuck up.” Laughter ensued.  Welcome to the league.   You’re not in Gainesville anymore.

What’s the lesson here?  Keep the Jesus, Buddah, Allah, or Xenu to yourself until you start winning pro football games.  When that happens, you’ll be able to do and say whatever you want.  Just ask Ben Roethlisberger.